Let me highlight how we can walk
through the Fall Feasts season together.

Sept. 7 - Feast of Trumpets
Sept. 7-16 - Ten Days of Awe
Sept. 16 - Day of Atonement
Sept. 21-27 (28) - Feast of Tabernacles

Welcome to our Fall Feasts in Community  for 2021. You can learn all about it and register on this page.

Registration gives you exclusive access to the new Haverim Community online portal, where the Fall Feasts resources will be hosted. Best of all, we can meet together and share our thoughts, praise, prayer, and experiences. The portal comes with a free app that works from anywhere, on any device.

After registration, you'll have access to the portal, and you'll receive a pdf of this lovely artwork by Christine Wavle.

Biblical feasts are divinely designed ways of redeeming time. For those who've received the free gift of grace through faith in Jesus, they can be seasons of growing in the grace and knowledge of the One he taught us to call, Father.

Over years of helping disciples profit from Hebraic thinking, I have seen how these moments recalibrate and renew our spiritual life. Together, we will study and do God’s Word using Jewish roots insights creatively applied within a New Covenant framework.

Based on a heavenly pattern, I will share a structure that will help reset biblical rhythms in your life. Best of all, this is something you can do with me and others around the world—in Christian community. We call it our Fall Feasts Experience, and it starts now!

James Whitman, JC Studies


What students are saying about our Feast experiences:

Studying the Fall Feasts brings a completion to the Spring. It matures us and calls to a deeper abiding and higher dwelling. Ongoing study has given solid ground to my everyday life. Thank you! - H.E.

Come expectant for nourishing and encouraging   teaching that is gentle and clean in spirit! - Y.Y.

Thanks James. Profound material, challenging and nourishing. - R.B.

Thank you! It's such a pleasure spending time learning with fellow talmidim! Looking forward to more! - A.T.

Thank you. My mind and spirit feel like the earth after a fresh rain that can't absorb all the water...this will take a while to absorb it all. - J.Z.

Thank you. It's wonderful to know that the next generation, the teens, are being taught! B.D.

Your registration includes this beautiful biblical feast overview by artist and haverim member, Christine Wavle. She includes explanations and helpful suggestions for sharing these key ideas with family and friends. After you register, you'll be directed to the gift page where you can download the artwork.


Your registration serves as a donation to help support the work of JC Studies. A portion of all giving goes to the Mercy Fund of Christ Church caring for widows and orphans in Jerusalem, thank you!

After donating, you will be directed to a page (and sent an email) with final instructions on accessing the online community portal and your free gift.

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September 7, 2021