As part of our Life Lessons from Our Hebraic Heritage series, James Whitman of JC Studies presented a one-of-a-kind online teaching event.


It is a fast paced, in-depth walk through the spring festival cycle, designed to give you insight into their biblical origins and divine design. You'll make fresh connections between the Testaments, and practical applications for your own life as a disciple of Jesus.

  • Passover/Unleavened Bread, April 9-15, 2020

  • Good Friday, April 10th

  • Resurrection Sunday, April 12th

"A fantastic teaching bringing the meaning and richness off the Old Testament into the New Testament. Essential for us all to know our saviour more!" Deborah H. - workshop attendee


Welcome to our 2020 home for celebrating the Spring festivals.

There are several things you can do from this page. First and foremost, here are two audio teachings to build on what you learned at our live event. You can both download and listen to these as our gifts to you. Enjoy!

Are you a reader? We recommend a dynamic series of blog posts on our site called Walking in the Light of Pentecost. For more about the Passover and Pentecost connection, read What God has Joined Together.

There is a way of marking the gift of time, designed by our great Creator. In this workshop, we are going to tune in to this divine orchestration by studying the Spring Festivals. 

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