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Welcome! to JC Studies

You just signed up to receive our weekly devotionals by email and our monthly Hebraic Bible teaching resources, nice.

We're glad to know you take following Jesus seriously, so do we. Every Bible study we offer is mindful of the God-designed context of Jesus and the early Church. Spend time with us and you will develop a Hebraic perspective, a deeper, more satisfying knowledge of the language, culture, and Scriptures of Jesus, the Jewish Messiah and the world's Lord and Savior.

First, meet the founder of JC Studies, Dwight A. Pryor (1946-2011). He was an internationally respected scholar and Bible teacher known for his clarity and wisdom, penetrating insights and balanced application. Every Saturday, by email, you'll receive a devotional reading from his best work. If you don't see it in your inbox, check your promotional tab or spam folder. Drag it to your inbox and enjoy the journey.

Dwight is a kingdom treasure. Part of our mission is to introduce him to you so without further ado, here's Dwight answering an important question.

Looking for a suggestion on a series by Dwight to start reading here on this blog? We recommend To Study, To Do, To Teach.

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