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Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem?

Headlines are screaming of imminent war between Iran and Israel. However, there is so much of importance not being reported or, blatantly misrepresented. The truth is that you and I are alive and ministering in and to this generation for such a time as this. In the bold kingdom vision of Yeshua, prayers and the ones that pray are a force unlike any the world has ever known. And to better inform our petitions, we need better information from the Middle East. I commend to you the work of Bridges for Peace. Founded in 1976 they enjoy an international reputation and most importantly, are respected by thinking people of all creeds and nationalities in Israel. Their latest Israel Prayer Update illustrates what I mean. All the articles are well written and include prayer points. I encourage you to read it, pray it, and perhaps sign-up for their regular updates. The following link takes you to the Bridges for Peace website to read a particularly provoking piece by Khaled Abu Toameh of the Gatestone Institute. Click here: Palestinians: The Real Gaza Blockade In this 70th year of Israel's prophetic rebirth, my desire is to encourage your intercession for the shalom of Jerusalem which results in blessing to the world. Immanuel! ~ James, on behalf of your friends at JC Studies

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