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Our Teachers

Biblical Scholarship You Can Trust!
There are two types of teachers: those who tell you what to think and those who teach you how to think. Our educational approach fits into the second category. Dwight Pryor set the bar for us with his passion to hear the voice of the Father in Scripture, his balanced use of a Hebraic perspective and his wise, practical approach to being a disciple.

Our great God is honoring Dwight's memory by connecting the ministry he founded with kindred spirits, those with the mind of a scholar, the heart of a pastor, and the gifting to communicate both. The strength of our ministry is that different voices—much like the Bible itself—confirm the central message of the Gospel of God, and of His Son Jesus the Messiah (Mark 1:1, 14). Our relational network is growing, so are those we're reaching.

Here are some of the remarkable teachers we've been privileged to host.
“Clearly, the Center for Judaic-Christian Studies has pioneered one of the most exciting study concepts in America today. This spiritually enriching program for pastors, teachers and laypeople is geared to deepen Scriptural understanding and application within its Jewish cultural setting, a task for which knowledge of Judaism, the religion from which Christianity was birthed, is so vital... If one is unable to study in Israel, the Haverim Lecture Series helps bring the Hebraic perspective on Scripture to America through JC Studies.” 
- Marvin R. Wilson
I am thankful that James and JC Studies gave me the opportunity to participate in something so dear and profound.  Jesus, I believe, is proud of such a giving and studious community.”
- Jeffrey Garcia
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