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James, I'm responding to your letter ...

Thank you for responding to my letter in your monthly Haverim mailing. And thank you for your monthly financial support, it lifts our hands for the task set before us!

Dwight A. Pryor pioneered the Center for Judaic-Christian Studies (JC Studies) with a heart on fire to see the people of God revived. After thirty-five years of meaningful ministry to the Body of Messiah, we are still fueled by that passion, Todah Abba!

Just follow the simple three-step process in the green window, securely powered by DonorBox. You can us a credit card, Paypal, or a bank transfer for your monthly donation. Notice that if it is in your heart to donate $20 a month—in addition to your CD—you receive online access to a special partner pages with additional studies including Dwight's video study through the Gospels.

Thank you for this act of mutual edification and sacred trust.

James Whitman, President
The Center for Judaic-Christian Studies

The Center for Judaic-Christian Studies (JC Studies) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation operating in the USA since 1984. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law because no goods or services are provided in exchange for your financial donation.

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