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Welcome Haverim Partners!

You will be edified and challenged by our year-end gift to you, Dwight teaching on the parables of Jesus. But I also want you to see this new course as an example of how we are fulfilling our missional call to share the Good News of God and of His Son Jesus the Messiah in our generation. And, how we are passing it on to the next. Bookmark this page and try studying one video each day. Remember, your exclusive access is good through January 15, 2018. Enjoy! ~ James

It is important and perhaps helpful to remind you that we serve without the aid of grants or endowments. You are our underwriters. Several of you give so generously, thank you! For many, this year-end request is a time to renew an annual pledge. For some, it is an opportunity to catch up on a commitment. For others, you set aside money to bless the work of the Kingdom during this season of giving. Whatever the case, know that you are valued and that your support is crucial. Todah!

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