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Our Purpose

Our Creed
The so-called Apostle's Creed is an easy to memorize, short-hand version of New Testament teaching. Though not intended to address every question, it does present the foundational truths so well that all Christendom embraces its tenets. We do, as do all our teachers.

Rather than quibble over dogma, our approach is to keep the big picture in focus. We take this outline as a point of unity and apply our Judaic-Christian methodology to unpack the richness of the doctrine it presents, with one important clarification. Find out what that is by watching this short video by our founder, Dwight Pryor.
Our Passion & Purpose
At The Center for Judaic-Christian Studies, we have a passion—born of the Spirit, we believe—to help you know God more intimately by grasping His Word more fully. To that end, we proclaim and explain certain vital but imperiled truths to the Body of Christ and especially to believers that thirst for their new covenant birthright in Jesus. For instance:
That the Advent and Apocalypse of the coming Son of Man is a cataclysmic future event; but the Kingship of God taught by Jesus is a dynamic process — a present penetration of the Lord's redemptive reigning in our lives and communities by the power of the Holy Spirit.

That for us, like Paul, there must always be but one God, the Father, and but one Lord, Jesus the Messiah, and that walking after Him requires the indwelling presence and empowerment of the Spirit of Truth.

That the once-for-all atoning work done for us by Jesus at the cross is also meant to be an ongoing redemptive work of Jesus done within us by His indwelling Spirit.

That for His death to be fully efficacious as an atoning sacrifice for mankind, the Son of Man, Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew), must be fully man and fully God-in-man reconciling the world to Himself.

That the Canon of Scripture which we call the Bible is inspired, authoritative and normative for our faith in the One true God and our faithfulness to His Son.

That we must treasure the Old Testament as the Bible of Jesus and take far more seriously His great command to fulfill it in our lives, as He did in His, by walking in authentic, sacrificial love one to another.

That we must not forget the reason we go back to the Hebraic foundations of our faith is in order to go forward in greater Christian (Christ-like) faithfulness — i.e., good covenant roots will bear abundant new covenant fruit.

That the end for which the world was made, and therefore the greatest calling of our lives and the deepest joy of our souls, is found in manifesting the K'vod Adonai — the Glory of God — in the earth.
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