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Our Story

Message from our President - James Whitman
​Welcome. Dwight A. Pryor founded JC Studies (The Center for Judaic-Christian Studies)—over thirty years ago—with a fiery passion to help Jesus' people know God more intimately by grasping His Word more fully. I've served in pastoral capacities most of my adult life and was privileged to serve as Dwight's right-hand-man for over twelve years. This ministry, known as a touchstone of balance and trust for so many, continues to thrive because God has blessed us with a dynamic team, a caring board of directors, and noble-hearted supporters.
We are working with a new generation of Hebraic Bible scholars to fulfill our original commission, that of deepening your discipleship experience through our online study community we call "Haverim," online courses, books, articles, and teachings that set the original context back into its context.  Thank you for your partnership in the journey!

Our Founder

Dwight A. Pryor founded The Center for Judaic-Christian Studies in 1984 and served as its president until his death in 2011. He was a founding board member of the Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research in Israel. While studying in Israel
Meet Dwight A. Pryor (1945-2011)
he came to realize the critical importance of understanding Christianity's Hebraic origins and dimensions. Dwight traveled the world as one of the most widely acclaimed teachers on the subject. Dr. Pryor's academic credentials include a Bachelor of Arts degree, with Special Distinction, in Philosophy from the University of Oklahoma, extensive postgraduate studies in Philosophy and Judaism from the University of Texas, and an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from the Centre for the Study of Biblical Research
Why study Christianity's Jewish Roots? 
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