Invest in your discipleship

and feel close enough to touch

the hem of the Master's garment ...

"Behold the Man!"

The acclaimed video curriculum featuring the late Dwight Pryor,

now available online.

Come explore and   uncover fresh insights   into the historical Jesus    of Nazareth. You will never read and teach Scripture the same way again.

A Complete Digital Curriculum

A dynamic  online class  experience hosted by by industry leader Thinkific

Twelve in-depth teaching sessions professionally produced, in both video and audio formats

Includes companion digital work-book, quizzes, and certificate  of graduation

With tech support and lifetime access from any device, anywhere, anytime!

BTM! Student, New York

5 stars and here's why. Lot's of people talking about the Jewishness of Jesus followed by spinning off into whatever. Dwight's priorities are the Man, his message, and his methodology. I see myself as Jesus' disciple in ways I have never known before. Absolutely the best!

BTM! Student, China

Much of the world sees Christianity in terms of America or Rome. That was me too. But this journey took me to the place and time where God tells His story for all peoples. Thank you for making this class available online. I now lead it in my house church.

"Dwight's stimulating Hebraic insights on the biblical text provide a treasure house of gems worth pondering again and again. Like his Hebrew Lord, Dwight's messages is singular in focus: spiritual maturity through faithful study of the Word that leads to life long discipleship and effective Kingdom living." - Dr. Marvin R. Wilson

Retired professor of Biblical and Theological

Studies at Gordon College, author of the

bestselling, Our Father Abraham

“It is difficult to find another Hebraic roots teacher with the same ability to present profound biblical truths in such an approachable manner. Dwight indeed had a unique gifting.”

David Parsons, Media Director, International Christian Embassy Jerusalem Contributing Editor for The Jerusalem Post Christian Edition

Dwight A. Pryor (1945-2011) was a gifted Bible teacher of exceptional clarity and depth who earned the friendship and admiration of both Christian and Jewish scholars—in the United States and Israel—as well as the respect and appreciation of Christians around the world. Dr. Pryor’s university and graduate research in Philosophy and Judaic Studies, combined with his fervent faith in Messiah Jesus, afforded him a unique perspective on the Bible that consistently lifts up the name of the Lord and informs, inspires and challenges all genuine seekers after what is real and true.

Dwight introduces BTM
Meet Dwight Pryor, on the set of Behold the Man!

Session 1

The Quest for the Historical Jesus

Session 2

The Jew, Jesus of Nazareth

Session 3

You Shall Call His Name, Yeshua

Session 4

Healing In His Wings

Session 5

He Spoke To Them In Parables

Session 6

Our Hebrew Speaking Lord

Session 7

Rabbis and Disciples

Session 8

Rav Yeshua's Teaching Methods

Session 9

Filling Full The Torah (Law)

Session 10

The Divine Messiah

Session 11

The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand

Session 12

Kingdom Priorities, Kingdom People

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