JC Studies Blog

June 27, 2020

My translation of Romans 3 is an attempt to capture Paul's thought expressed in the original Greek language. God accomplished his new covenant salvation through the faithfulness of Jesus. We believe that—and because of that belief—we come into a relationship of fai...

June 20, 2020

Hesed speaks of two things: of God’s love or grace, and of his covenant faithfulness. Hesed is often translated as steadfast love, lovingkindness, love—it is the word for grace in the New Testament. It is like both the root and the trunk of a tree.

June 20, 2020

In the fullness of its biblical understanding, faith has the core concept of faithfulness. The ESV and other translations have a footnote rendering the word emunah as faithfulness. That helps explain the sentence structure, not “live by faith” but “live by his faithful...

June 20, 2020

At the climax of history and the consummation of all things, the God of Israel becomes King over every nation, and all the righteous, both Jew and Gentile, with one voice sing an old-yet-new song – the Song of Moses joined to the Song of the Lamb!

May 1, 2020

Therefore, as children (banim) of God it is our purpose to be builders (bonim) under His kingship. Let us build Him a Sanctuary. Let us turn our hearts to the heart of the Father; let us hear and follow His instructions, obey His commandments, and contribute toward the...

April 26, 2020

At Passover (Pesach) we remember and celebrate the Exodus Epic, the awesome and mighty event of our redemption. We should recognize, however, that the Exodus from Egypt was not an end unto itself, but the beginning of a journey – a walk with God to a place of promise.