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What is the most important thing we do at JC Studies? Or, said another way, what do we do that has the potential to most impact your daily quest to be a faithful disciple? My answer, without hesitation, is making available the ongoing prophetic power of Dwight Pryor's teaching.


And nowhere is his ministry more accessible than in the weekly Hebraic heritage devotionals sent by email each Sabbath. The number of people requesting and receiving them increases every week, hallelujah! We delight in providing these penetrating, transformative studies to all without cost — as the cornerstone of our divine calling.


I'll share with you an example of Dwight's unique insights at the end of this brief year-end letter.


During December, we reach out to our friends (haverim) with a request to prayerfully consider making a special year-end gift. Dwight began the practice some thirty years ago, and each year it accounts for a significant portion of our budget. Our funding comes from the Father, Lord of heaven and earth, by way of your generosity. Todah Abba, and thank you, haverim!


For many, this is the time you annually renew support. Perhaps for some, this will be your first time standing with us because the teaching has helped you walk closer with Messiah Jesus. If our good Father is placing us on your heart, please know your contribution ensures the continued availability of Dwight's legacy to the world.


I also want you to know that what the Lord shares with us, we share with others. We send a regular portion of our monthly budget to meet the needs of poor believers in Israel through our friends at Christ Church, Jerusalem. We also provide ongoing financial support to influential ministers in Israel like David Bivin, David Pileggi, and Dwight's widow, Keren.


Thank you for prayerfully considering making a special donation; your help in any amount is needed and will have an impact in many ways.*


If you're like me, I like to act when ready and get important things crossed off my to-do list. So here is a link to access our secure giving page: It is safe, quick, and easy to use. Or, if you prefer, use the enclosed return envelope. You can use JC Studies as the designation when writing checks.


* Along with your donation comes the privilege of participating in our new Haverim Community Online, a private place to access the best of Dwight's teaching, take live classes, and interact with other passionate disciples.


In 2022, with the help of the Lord, we will continue providing our growing number of online courses, audio seminars, live classes, featured scholar lecture series, and monthly newsletters with teaching articles & audio. And, of course, a rich menu of Hebraic perspectives and biblical insights from Dwight in weekly devotionals via email. Here is a taste from an upcoming series called, The Jewish Roots of Trust.


Here is a powerful point to ponder. In the Book of Psalms (Tehillim), there are actually more laments than praise psalms.


The psalms were composed in the midst of turmoil and turbulence, both private and public. That is why they are so often filled with laments. In that respect, they mirror our experience. The language of the psalms is often erratic and abrupt, demonstrating the urgency of the situation in which the writer is caught and from which they cry out to the One who is Faithful and True.


One Jewish commentator said the book of Psalms is "a battlefront diary," composed by those who struggle with evil and enemies—both within and without. Often the psalms are not so much poetry as a cry for help. This observation adds a dimension that enables us to profit from their uniqueness even more. Yes, psalms are valuable for what they say, but they are equally precious to us for when they say it.


You, haverim, are a blessing,

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